Accounting Ahead Of The Curve with CLOUDIT back-office automation solution

Artificial Intelligence has changed the way accounting practices work today.

Stop running your accounting practice the old school way but start GROWING it now!
Grow your accounting practice thru automation & eliminate all manual backend activities
Drive efficiencies in your practice & deliver value based services to your clients
Overcome growing cost pressures & meet changing client expectations
Build your Niche today for the future demand

With our fully loaded custom branded practice tool,

Program Built By Accountants For Accountants

Effortless client write-up solution for accounting firms that automates the entire bookkeeping directly into your client QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB..

Simplified process of getting Data In
Process data thru automation
Reduce 4 hr of bookkeeping work to 40 mins

We Help Your Accounting Practice Turn Hi-tech On The Fly

We EMPOWER you with the right tools & technology to help you GROW your firm.
Everything comes CUSTOM BRANDED to your firm name.
Our software as a service is a tool to facilitate wholesale bookkeeping work for Enrolled agents, CPA firms & other accounting firms. It is built to give a lot of value addition to accounting firms in terms of how it should function in today’s cloud computing environment, meet rapid changes in their client demands and leverage the overall cost of operation at the same time. We have expanded the capabilities of even small to medium accounting firms compete with the future of technology.


Impeccable References  Available

Niche Building

Get your branded firm software Give your client’s 360 degree visibility of your firms deliverable. Dedicated back office & cloud setup Now spend all your time on advisory services client relations & growing your practice. We take care of your firms ongoing innovations & value additions needs from time to time.

Automation & Integration

Unmatched turnaround for write-up service Top notchtask interface & review solutions No more document scanning. Auto bank feed & with live check images & statements client bill pay solution workflow, available bank balance, Document Filing, Integrated financial reports, task manager tax planning tools & many more.

Increased Profit Margins

We guarantee 70% reduction in your cost per transaction, without any investments

Bottom line

Bill your clients by hours
Pay us only per transaction
Increase profit margins by 70%

Your small business clients are adopting cloud computing at a frantic rate. The anytime, anywhere access to key business and financial information allows them to be more efficient and organized than ever.

3 Cloud Computing Trends that Every Accountant Needs to Know


Cloud Computing Will Dominate Small Business

47% had already migrated to cloud computing in 2016. That figure will more than double to nearly 80% in under 4 years.

One Size Does Not Fit All

If those needs aren’t addressed, or more likely, a competitor offers a better solution, that customer is gone.

Niche is the New Black

Good enough for lots of things is no longer accepted.


Hear from our accountant clients sharing their experiences

Opportunity Awaits: You’re Role as Advisor.
We help your practice build your niche!

Featured Services


  • On boarding clients
  • Send engagement letter
  • Graph & Notifications
  • Setup client access
  • Add client staff users
  • Setup Chart of Accounts

Auto Bank Feed

  • One-time effortless bank feed setup process
  • No need to ask for bank user/password from clients
  • Add client bank or CC account / Or send invite to your client to add a bank
  • Automatically keeps updating all transactions directly from bank
  • View transactions & cleared check images
  • Automatically generates periodic bank account statements
  • Stop chasing clients for bank statements or missing Check stubs
  • Available cash balance report module
  • Classify transactions
  • Manage open items to be asked from clients real-time

Bill Process

  • Setup clients to manage real-time accounts payable
  • Upload bills
  • Enter bills and send for client approval
  • Client approve bills
  • Print checks

Run Payroll

Firm single sign on:

  • Your 1 click online client payroll solution
  • Payroll processing & Tax filling
  • Quarterly reporting (both Federal & State)
  • Year-end reporting (both Federal & State)

Employer access:

  • Online payroll submission
  • Time keeping system
  • Online reports & New Hire reporting
  • Paperless employee onboarding

Employees receive:

  • Direct deposit/Payroll cards
  • Online document access (Pay stubs & W-2’s)
  • PTO- view balance online

Document Management System

  • Integrated DMS for document filling
  • Auto folder management by client
  • Organize & file client documents
  • Share access with clients and generate online shareable link for clients
  • View documents online

Dedicated Back office &
Integrated Task manager

  • Automate bookkeeping
  • Team of experienced bookkeepers and accountants
  • No document scanning required
  • 65 points review checklist
  • Integrated task manager to assign & monitor ongoing tasks real time
  • Client ready output files

QuickBooks & Tax Hosting

  • Unleash the power of cloud hosting either QB desktop on server / QuickBooks online
  • Available Anytime, Anywhere
  • Dedicated Firm level QB hosting
  • All files view in single login
  • Direct print to your local printer
  • Access from anywhere, 24X7
  • No matter where your business takes you, you’ll always be able to access your files and applications

Client Financial Reporting

  • Real-time synced with your client QB
  • Dashboard reporting & graphs
  • Client Budgeting & Alert
  • Build My Report/ Memorize reports
  • Setup automatic report email to client by date
  • Share report portal with clients

Virtual Office Receptionist & Answering Service

  • Make your accounting practice look big!
  • 100% dedicated US based receptionists
  • Fully Bilingual services
  • Never miss a call
  • (24 X 7 X 365) Service
  • Your Own Local Number
  • Toll-Free numbers also available
  • Warm Call Transfers
  • Booking & Appointments
  • Messages delivered over email
  • Unlimited Talk time (after a call is transferred)

Personal Assistant for Scheduling Meetings

  • You deserve a personal assistant!
  • AI powered personal assistant for scheduling meetings
  • Driven by Artificial Intelligence & human empathy
  • Automatic schedules meetings for you
  • No sign-in, password or download required
  • Personal assistant with your company domain
  • Simply Cc your personal assistant on your meeting request
  • Your personal assistant will schedule all your business meetings for you with your clients & guests
  • No more email follow-up’s with scheduling a meeting
  • Automatically works per your schedules, calendar & preferences
  • Like magic, the meeting invite arrives in your inbox

Integrated Tax Planning Tool

  • Syncs with your client QuickBooks
  • Small Business Tax planning
  • Proactive updates on tax projections for both corporate & individual
  • Multiple business projections & planning
  • Step by step tax help with powerful planning module inside
  • Run ‘What If’s with the simulator
  • Powerful inbuilt tax strategies scenarios to reduce tax bill to minimal

Lead Generation

Avoid wasting time on search engines & directories

  • We’ll help you find new clientsfor your accounting practice.
  • Daily live listing of new inquires
  • All leads shortlisted based on your & your practice niche

Stay organized and keep your conversations in one place

  • Select only leads you’re interested
  • Contact selected leads via message, call, email & even send quote’s
  • Keep all conversation organized in one place

Market your accounting practice

  • Create a profile of your accounting firm & define your niche effortlessly
  • Thousands of requests are received from customers every day
  • Your services are placed in demand across these customers inquiries
  • If you’re hired, finalize the scope of work and get started

Client Knowledge database

  • Add generic/client specific knowledge database
  • Share knowledge database with your staff
  • Share knowledge database with back office
  • Client can also add their own knowledge base
  • Build your firm’s best practice module

Support/Ticket module

  • View clients who are logged in
  • Client chat
  • Add/manage tickets with clients
  • Resolve client tickets online
  • Track/monitor every single client issue
  • Admin console

Client Pricing Tool

  • Fully branded to your firm
  • Value based & menu pricing options for client quotes
  • Send quote & get approval online
  • Helps your price look smaller than it really is
  • Setup your own questions & pricing model
  • Manage all your client quotes in one place

How It Works

Define your niche, effortlessly

  • Don’t do different things but do things differently
  • Stop chasing clients for bank statements & check stubs
  • Replace manual data entry with automated bookkeeping with our tools
  • 360 degree visibility & control on your firms growth


Rock Solid Data & Bank Security

Secure Password Encryption: Bank level security – Our banking partners has gone to tremendous lengths& developments to prevent any security breaches. User’s get to access only transactions feed as ‘View Only’ but has No rights or capabilities whatsoever to do any transaction thru the bank.

256 bits data encryption extremely difficult to identify password
3 Fail Lockout Policy (i.e. When the user enters the password 3x incorrectly)
Complex lenght and character password requiremnts + 90day expiration
Continuously adding layers of security upon increasing product development

Application Security Implementations

  • Users control if/when account passwords are saved
  • Passwords encrypted using AES 256
  • Role-base access (administrator,customer,developer and user)
  • Password complexity and strength (minimum of 4 letters, 4 numbers and 1 symbol, case sensitive)
  • Password history (cannot use the past 6)
  • Password expiration (expires every 90 days)
  • IP access origin can be restricted by customer
  • Read-only access to financial institutions
  • Detail access, log and exception handling
  • Security events notification
  • Same-origin policy
  • Session ID randomly generated, non-repeating, 7.9e+28 combinations
  • Session expiration
  • Data backups stored in ta separated physical location
  • No SQL injection possible, all parameters passed via “binding”

Say Good-Bye to the Old School Way of Accounting Practice