Little Known Facts About Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

Did you know that there is more to the profession of the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) that meets the eye? It’s a practice that has existed almost as long as the concepts of currency and trade have…and it includes a lot of bizarre and fun facts worth knowing! If you’re a CPA or hope to become one, knowing these obscure facts will impress any of your accounting peers:

  1. Accounting as a practice can be traced all the way back to an archaic numbering system developed by ancient accountants who tracked the trade of grain and animals with clay tokens, similar to currency.
  2. The word “accountant” originates from the French word “computare” which means “to score” or “tally.”
  3. The first ever CPA exam was documented in the state of New York in 1896.
  4. The first American female CPA was Christine Ross in 1899. Her clients included fashion industry titans and exceedingly wealthy women of the time.
  5. Bubblegum was invented by an accountant! Walter Diemer introduced the addictive, chewable candy to the world in 1928!
  6. Accountants can stop crime! In 1931, FBI accountants convicted infamous crime lord, Al Capone, for income tax invasion. Not all heroes wear capes!
  7. Speaking of the FBI, did you now that there are over 2,000 accountants working as special agents?
  8. Famous entertainers made their start as accountants – it’s true! The list includes the likes of Eddie Izzard, author John Grisham, Kenny G., and Mick Jagger.
  9. Hollywood needs its fair share of CPAs to keep the industry going. Every Oscars season since 1935, a team of CPAs spends over 1,700 hours counting the ballots for the Academy Awards, for each category…by hand!!
  10. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of CPAs, accountants, and auditors is projected to grow 10% from the year 2016 to the year 2026. That’s faster than the average growth for most occupations!

We know that being a CPA is hard work and we value any individual who is driven to extend their clients only the best quality service experience…but we also value CPAs who love what they do! Learning and taking pride in your work is a character trait we encourage in all of our team members.

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