Final Stop: Concluding Your Roadmap To Tax Season

We’re here – the final stop on the road map to a successful tax season! Our journey has taken us from search engine optimization and website design to social media and pay-per-click advertising to reach more clients and target specific audiences.

It’s go time. W-2s will be in the mail soon and if you’ve been following our recommendations since the beginning, you’re ready. Open the flood gates and reap the benefits of having a strong online marketing strategy in place. For the rest of you, pour another cup of coffee and read on.

What if I haven’t left the parking lot? There’s no judgement here, but some of you were in this same situation 12 months ago and vowed to do it differently this year . To prevent this time next year, open that fancy planner you bought and schedule a check-up with us for May.

Now let’s get started with what you can do today. Even if you find yourself starting from square one, there are some “quick win” methods that can help.

1.Put your best foot forwardIn our first stop we covered the importance of web design and how to make a great first impression. Even if the majority of your clients are referrals, don’t skip this step – as 84% of people will still visit your website before making a decision. While creating a user-friendly website that projects the right image can be time consuming, there are straightforward elements that can benefit your firm right away, like having a mobile-friendly website to provide a seamless user experience across all screens. Bonus: you’ll rank higher, too. Search engines rank non-responsive sites (i.e. those that are not adaptive to mobile device screens) lower in search results,  which makes it harder prospective clients to find your firm.

2.Make it easy to be foundOur second stop discussed five ways to get better rankings with search engine optimization (SEO) to get in front of more prospective clients. No doubt, SEO is more of a long-haul strategy, as it takes time for the search engines to build trust in your website. That said, one simple but effective way to increase your firm’s rankings is to make certain all online business listings are consistent and accurate. Double check your professional directory listings to confirm that your NAP (name, address, and phone) data is correct and identical across the board. Business listings are an important part of optimizing your website, and inconsistent or false information will negatively impact your search rankings.

Don’t have time to search for and update every business listing? We can help. Our team will not only get your website up-to-date, they’ll also ensure it includes on- and off-page optimization to maximize your firm’s rankings. Call us to learn more.

3.Get ahead of the competition – literallyPay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a cost -effective way to generate results quickly. As we reviewed in our seventh stop, PPC literally puts your firm ahead of the competition in search engine rankings, delivers fast results, and allows you to target the clients you want. PPC allows you to set your own budget, and you only pay when your ad is clicked. The key is having a strong landing page that visitors go to, which encourages them to contact your firm.

The result?  PPC positions your firm as a solution by putting you in front of prospective clients when they search for services you offer. And, depending on your campaign focus  and keyword(s)  targeted, you can begin reaping the benefits within days. While some firms have in-house resources that manage PPC campaigns, now is not the time to learn a new trade. Now is the time to turn to the professionals. Our PPC experts are certified Premier Google Partners who have a history of combining their accounting industry knowledge  with online advertising acumen to create successful PPC campaigns.

4.Stay calm and call us for solutionDon’t let the gravity of your to-do list distract you from reaching your final destination – a successful tax season. Contact one of our Internet Marketing Advisors to schedule a consultation. Our team of online marketing experts will help you gauge where you are today and understand what can be done to help you get a piece of this year’s tax season pie.

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