Before You Call the IRS

Do you need to call the IRS for information, forms, or to set-up a payment plan? You need to be prepared before you make the call. As part of their continued efforts to keep your data secure the IRS will first want to verify your identity. To ensure that your call goes smoothly there are a few things that you should have in front of you before you call.

You will need :-

The full names of those on the tax return.

* A copy of the tax return you are referring too.

* If your received a letter or notice from the IRS, have that notice on hand.

* Social Security numbers or the taxpayer Identification numbers for everyone on you’re the tax return.

* Your tax filing status.


Scam alert: If you receive an erroneous tax refund in your bank account, contact your tax preparer and visit the IRS website.

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