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We believe in every successful business there is always a Marriage between The Business & How The Business Runs!

We Connect Your Business With The Right Technology Partner Solutions, Apps & API’s that automates your backend business operations to run smoothly, the way you wish to see it run in The First Place! We integrateall Your Business tools including the CRM, HR, Operations, Payables, Invoicing, Accounting, Help Desk and Analytics synced effortlessly.
Everything in one place, Making & Giving sense to the “data”…. All you need to ensure, your business never runs into a wrong marriage.

What We Do

Software is beyond being one. It does the best work just for you!

With the fact of adapting the new age of API technology through simplifying and automating the process of getting data in and out therefore we are to give services beyond your expectations and we are not to focus on accounting alone. Everything that is needed in terms of dealing with data will be handled by the best software solution offered by Cloudit Automation Services.

We are unique in our approach, as we don’t essentially circumvent the process how you running your present business instead we work around your own existing processes. We work outside your mainframe developing an efficient workflow, eliminating the unnecessary overhead cost & time and brand it in a way helping you establish a niche for your business in the future market.

  • We are to build technologies that are being customized to your everyday business operations across vertical may it be accounting, billing, operations, payables and more.
  • There will also be an assurance of innovative and creative solution package branded to the name of the business, access from anywhere 24X7.
  • We are to help you save money and time running the day to day business as well as client service.
  • Cloudit Automation Services will also help you in terms of building innovation client services solution being integrated along with business delivery model.
  • We could also cut down the overhead cost and will increase profit as well.
  • There will also be an assurance of scalable and robust platform being built in order to reduce the cost every unit in terms of operations as you expand the volume.
  • We are also to integrate the front end operations along with back office accounting support that functions in real time.
  • Cloudit Automation Services will also put you in full control of the business that you never imagined or even experienced before.
  • And also everything will be branded exclusively for the name of your business and niche branding also.

Those are just some of the things that we will definitely just to serve you. Those services that are provided above are among the best things that you might experience out of considering what we could do for you. If you are looking for the best consulting and also data automation and accounting services indeed ours are considered the best.

If you would like to find out more about our services or if you would like to find out how we can help you then all you need to do is get in touch with us today. Our team would love to take your call and we would be happy to chat with you about your business needs as well so you know you can always get a customized solution that will surpass your expectations time and time again.

Our Services

We have a diverse background and experience in different technologies and business domains. Some of the services we have provided are:


Program built by Accountants For Accountants, that help you manage the functionality and flow of your firms accounting services from client onboarding, client servicing, getting documents, data processing, bookkeeping, manage client accounts payables, reporting, financial analysis & even audit your client books… It is designed to work with all your favorite finance apps, from QuickBooks to Xero, MYOB and more! Helps you put your clients in the front seat with your automated accounting services under the hood. Everything you need to scale your accounting practice, you get it in a single window!

Data Integration

No need to work in isolation! Get your Customers, Team, Accounting, Help Desk, HR, Project Management all in one place. No need to enter data twice. With our API integrations we help you to automate & track real-time all your business activities across departments in a single dashboard. You'll save so much time when your data is all in one place!


Tired of using non-customizable invoicing applications? We help you manage your end to end client billing & receivables. Each app customized for your unique business need, help you drive more leads, onboard new clients/jobs, create estimates & invoices, attached documents, client signature capture, get paid online, client portal, charge backs, online scheduling & calendar, automated text messages & email to clients many more… and everything syncs to your accounting software real time keeping your back-office up to date instantly..


Manage your entire accounts payables process from end to end. No more paper bills or late payments or duplicate payments. Our API integration tools simplifies the process of getting bills, match with PO’s, robust workflow to approve or reject a bill. Choose how you want to make a payment and make payments from anywhere at any time. Everything syncs to your accounting software, hence experience a real payables reporting that make sense and always know your available cash report before making a payment! Putting you on top of your payables process, like never before.

Client Data

Avoid those awkward moments when you forget someone’s name. Help you know your customers instantly and their activity history. Track outside leads, opportunities and collaborate real-time with your team. Instant access to your customer follow-ups in one place. Your customers happy every time! Email campaigns, feedback surveys, client help desk no more a pain. Access from anywhere 24X7. Not just a CRM, but a robust workflow fully customizable with your look and brand!

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We really are the best when it comes to API technology and we are here to help you if you ever have any questions


About the Company

Cloudit Automation Services is known as a web-based solution

Our Working Place

Cloudit Automation Services simplifies the process of getting data in & automates the flow of the data so will eliminate the need for any manual entries behind the scene We are to use data-gathering tool that will move the transactional data gathering function so close to the source of a certain transaction or event as much as possible. Along with that, we are to obtain documents and data related to the transaction and will deliver them to a queue for processing by Cloudit Automation Services.

Why Choose Us?

Unleash your business innovations, with us!

We also have trained personnel that would make entries into the company ledgers and would analyses the documents and the data therefore making the processed information available to the management, stakeholders and auditors as well in an innovative way in order to truly understand the real time financial condition of the company. Being in the industry for almost numbers of years already, there is no doubt that in terms of giving you solutions with your needs, we at Cloudit Automation Services always stay on top.

Keep in touch with customers with their data in just a single place

We have this goal at Cloudit Automation Services to keep every customer happy. And that might happen through having their data within a single place only. This goal could be easily achieved once the data from the customers are in one place. Tracking emails, appointments, phone calls and some other needs of the customers will also be guaranteed.

Data Hassle No More!

Putting data in a single place will provide no hassle at all. It will make you save time as well once the data is in a single place. Convenience will therefore be provided as this certain software works for you. Cloudit Automation Services has this goal as well of providing clients with the assurance of no hassle service that will be loved and considered by many in the industry. With us, hassle about data is never a problem at all.

Smooth Business Operations Guaranteed!

We started this company because we knew that we wanted to make a difference to the world of technology and everything it has to offer. We know more than anyone how hard it can be for you to make the right decision when you already have so much to think about and we also know how frustrating it can be when your software doesn’t live up to your expectations. That is why we will work with you to personally ensure that you get a software that is designed to meet your every need and more and in half the time it would take you to get the same result from our competitors.

Of course, we can also help you to simplify the solutions you have at the moment and we can also help you to ensure that the data you have can be trusted and accessed at all times. This is one of the biggest benefits you get when you come to our team, so why don’t you get in touch with our team today to find out more. And this is indeed what Cloudit Automation Services is all about. We will make sure that business operations will be smooth therefore problems might as well be avoided. There are numbers of things that should be considered in operating a certain business and with that making those things smoother will definitely be guaranteed through our expertise.

Cloudit Automation Services will continue to serve numbers of clients with only the best solutions and consulting services beyond their expectations. We will make sure that you will be more than satisfied with what we could offer. With the fact that we are in the industry for almost many years already it is also a fact that we could be the best help that could help you in times of your any needs.

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If you are interested with our offers then connecting with us could be a lot easier and faster. You could visit our site for more information. You might as well call us through our hotline numbers or send us your message through email. We will gladly respond to your queries or feedbacks. Just provide us the needed information and we are to guarantee you the best customer care ever. Deal with one of our superb customer care representatives and expect only what is best. You must not have any doubts at all rather connecting with us is the best thing you must consider. We at Cloudit Automation Services will always be willing to serve you.